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There are a number of governance requirements for our club;
In Summary:
1. Affiliation to the Walking Football Association    (annual payment)
2. Sports Liability Insurance                                      (annual public and products liability) 
3. Players registration                                                                 ( personal details, and emergency contacts)
4. Risk Assessment                                                                      (health, safety, security evaluation made in consultation                                                                                                          with the sports centre manager- copy given to players)
5. Club Rules                                                                                  ( who-what-when-where-and how the club runs and
                                                                                                          copy given to players - )
6. Newsletters                                                                               ( 6 monthly  club news and updates- latest copy sent
                                                                                                          each player)
7. First Aid & Blood Spillage Procedures                                 (2 first aid exercise carried out per year )
8. HSBC Community Business bank account                           ( pitch fees, insurance, affiliation, kit costs)
9. Sports Personal Accident Cover                                            ( annual payment )
10. COVID- 19 Risk Assessment & Return to play Rules        ( sent to each player)
11. COVID - 19  Health declaration & Liability Waiver             ( sent to each player )
                                              For more information on the above please contact Chris.
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