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There are a number of governance requirements for our club;
In Summary:
1. Affiliation to the Walking Football Association    (annual payment)
2. Sports Liability Insurance                                      (annual public and products liability) 
3. Players registration                                                 (personal details, and emergency contacts)
4. Safeguarding (risk assessment)                            (health, safety, security evaluation made in partnership with                                                                                                  sports centre manager- copy given to players)
5. Club Rules                                                                 (who-what-when-where-and how the club runs and news- copy                                                                                            given to players - )
6. Newsletters                                                               (quarterly club news and updates- latest copy sent to players)
7. First Aid & Blood Spillage Procedures                   (2 first aid exercise carried out per year )
8. HSBC Community Business bank account            (pitch fees, insurance, affiliation, kit costs)
                                              For more information on the above please contact Chris.
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