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      Skipton Walking Football Club 


Walking Football is a slower version of the beautiful game designed to help people keep an active lifestyle and help older people who live in social isolation and to meet new friends.

It is a great way to keep active, learn new skills, have fun playing the game we love.

Playing walking football reduces the chance of injury as there is:

  • No contact

  • No running

  • No tackling from behind or from the side and

  • No heading                                                                                                                                            COVID 19 Risk Assessment and new controls / rules are in place and available on this website (more Info- documentation)


Ethos and values of the game - To ensure all matches are played safely with full consideration of every participant’s age, gender and ability  

INTERESTED ?    Please take a look at the rest of the website                                               New Sponsor : LBS Horticulture

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