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Chris McGrath

Hi , thanks for looking at our site, i run the club and if you need more information please do not hesitate to contact me .

We have 87 registered players and i believe that the more players that join Skipton WFC then the more chance we will have sufficient numbers attending each session to have a great game (s).

If you have not played before, don't be put off, give it a go, 1st session is free, what have you got to lose?...we have 95% take up (those who attend the 1st session come back again and join) that is why we continue to grow and grow, We are friendly, we love playing football and life is too short, give it a go, you can come to whichever session suits you, some players play 1 or  2  or 3 times  per week.

Email: 1st choice     

 or       2nd choice  (using the form below Please note: this email address may not be monitored daily. I will respond ASAP ).

We have a Skipton walking football facebook page for registered players only (private).

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