Where we play

We play on 3G outdoor artificial grass at:

Sandylands Sports Centre 

Carleton New Road,

Skipton BD23 2AZ

Phone: 01756 793747

Changing rooms not available (closed due to COVID )



Monday      11 45 - 12 45 am  £5

Thursday    7    -  8  pm   £5

Friday         7    -   8  pm  £5

Male and Female

Although this is for over 50's , if you are just under 50, recovering from a health condition etc and want to get fit, then you are welcome to play .

Wear comfortable clothing i.e. shorts, tracksuit bottoms. For footwear either wear plastic molded stud football boots or trainers (no metal studs) and please bring a bottle of water.

We welcome new players, however due to Covid restrictions we have limited the number of players to each session .Please do not turn up thinking you can play straight away as it might be full, contact Chris before attending.


New players need to bring some contact details with you, complete a registration document and you will  receive a short introduction to the game at your 1st session. We then do a warm up, and play for about 55 minutes.


There is no fee for registering to play with Skipton WFC.

Club History

Our 1st session 25th March 2018 had 6 players.

April 2021 we have 87 players.

We have players of all abilities though most of our players use to play in the local leagues when they were 'younger''....

It is not about how good your are, it is about having fun, meeting friends and getting fit.

Even though you are walking ...it is a good cardiovascular workout... trust me , playing for 50 minutes....you will get fitter. But you go at your own pace.

We are affiliated to the

Football Association (FA)


The Walking Football